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The Cannelton Foundation has worked very hard over the past several years to deliver a quality, family-friendly festival in our little historic town. But while our planning efforts and vendors have grown, the manpower behind the scenes has not. We’ve tried incorporating more non-profits, churches, and organizations to help with different aspects. Some partnerships have been successful; others didn’t quite make it off the ground. With our organization membership (4 of us currently), we have not been able to come up with a sustainability plan for the long-term. Months of planning and administrative duties go into the festival preparations, with a lot of physical labor going into the set-up and tear-down on the event day. Our little crew of people, and with the help of community service workers, personal favors called in among friends and family have been the only thing keeping this festival going lately.

On March 6, 2017, during our monthly board meeting, we came to the decision that we (Cannelton Foundation) can no longer put on the Cannelton Heritage Festival with the limited volunteers we have. The favors have been tapped out, friends no long answer our calls, and we couldn’t find the community support we needed for folks to step up and serve on this committee.

We wish to thank everyone for coming and enjoying an event that put Cannelton in a positive spotlight and showed off what this town could be. Thank you to our partners like the musicians, wineries, food vendors, and the arts and crafts vendors that shared their incredible talents with us. We’re very proud of the festival we built over the years and we hope we can now refocus our efforts on other initiatives for Cannelton that are central to our mission.

Another local group is planning to host the festival this Fall. We are not affiliated with the group, but if you seek festival information, contact Barbara Beard at 812-547-7177 or